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This Symposium was started from the first symposium in 1996, in Bergen, Norway. It was established by incorporating the Seventh International Colloquium on Dust Explosions (The first five were held in Poland: Baranow (1984), Jadwisin (1986), Szczyrk (1988), Porabka-Kozubnik (1990), Pultusk (1993), and then Shenyang, China (1994)) and the Second Colloquium on Gas, Vapor, Liquid, Hybrid and Fuel–Air Explosions (The First Colloquium was held in Montreal, Canada (1981)).

The symposium continued with the
2nd in Schaumburg, USA (1998),
3rd in Tsukuba, Japan (2000),
4th in Bourges, France (2002),
5th in Cracow, Poland (2004),
6th in Halifax, Canada (2006),
7th in St. Petersburg, Russia (2008),
8th in Yokohama, Japan (2010),
9th in Cracow, Poland (2012),
10th in Bergen, Norway (2014),
11th in Dalian, China (2016) and the
12th in Kansas City, USA (2018).